“Bara Bröst” (literally “just breasts”) is the name of a cultural movement of Swedish feminists, pleading for women to be allowed topless in public. Up-and-coming Berlin based producer duo Benjamin Quint and Markus Schwarzbauer love the movement so much that they chose to endorse it by adapting the name for their production team.

The two have been friends since school and have shared an apartment in the Neukölln district in Berlin for over two years now. They converted their living room into a studio and office space. “That way, we can meet up any time we are inspired by the Muses with no effort.” This intense partnership enabled them to develop their very own vision and understanding of sound. Their music is a combination of funky House and Berlin influenced Minimal-Techno. The distinct trademark of a Bara Bröst beat is the soft but deep kick, the rolling House-Groove just around 124 bpm combined with very heavy Dub- Bass-Lines.

“We found our common ground in House because we appreciate and respect the high standard of present productions. We grew up with all sorts of different styles like Funk, Break-Beats, Hip Hop, Jazz and stuff that we stumbled across in our fathers’ record collections. Hence, the main criteria for our music is that it must be entertaining. It should touch you on an emotional level, no matter what tempo it is based on or how clever a sound was created. Otherwise producing tunes would become as mundane as working the assembly-line.“ Bara Bröst tracks are by no means hasty one-timers.

After the successful release of their debut-album “Elephancycle” on BBE Records in 2010 they are working on numerous remixes and single releases on a bunch of new labels at the moment. On special occasions Bara Bröst form an outstanding electronic live act showcase together with their singer and vocalist Conan Kowalski (Sick City / Munich).

Discography Releases:

• Bara Bröst – Elephancycle LP – (BBE Records)
• Bara Bröst – Madame Mila | Fraulein Lea Single – (BBE Records)
• Bara Bröst – Bara Bootlegs – (available on Soundcloud)
• Bara Bröst – Alpaca Special 001 – (Alpaca Records)
• Dole & Kom feat. Bara Bröst – Brother Express – (Alpaca Records)
• Phantogram – Bloody Palms Remixes by dOP & Bara Bröst – (BBE Records)
• Bara Bröst – Palisander – (Red Man Digital)
• Bara Bröst – Dauerwelle EP – (Red Man Digital)


• Tim Vità – Shofar Masai (Bara Bröst Remix) – (Hula Hoop Records)
• Spoek Mathombe – Mishini Wam (Bara Bröst OneLove Remix) – (BBE Records)
• Dole & Kom – Brother (Bara Bröst Remix) – (Alpaca Records)
• Phantogram – Bloody Palms (Bara Bröst Remix) – (BBE Records)
• Phantogram – Bloody Palms (Bara Bröst Remix Dub) – (BBE Records)
• Zuul – Kaneda (Bara Bröst`s Neo Tokyo Edit) – (Red Man Digital)
• Mi Angelo – Eye On (Bara Bröst Remix) – (Red Man Digital)